Aqua Optima Announce Innovative New Partnership

Aqua Optima Announce Innovative New Partnership with TerraCycle to launch the Aqua Optima Water Filter Recycling Programme.
TerraCycle, global leader in recycling the unrecyclable and one of the UK’s leading water filtration experts, Aqua Optima, have partnered to encourage people throughout the UK to join its recycling programme.  The programme exchanges used Aqua Optima water filters for TerraCycle points that can be redeemed for charitable gifts and donations.

Globally TerraCycle is diverting millions of pounds of waste each month from landfill and incineration. This new partnership and the launch of the Aqua Optima Water Filter Recycling Programme will make it quick and straightforward to recycle these innovative filters and therefore live more sustainably.

With more than 4.5million Brits claiming that they don’t recycle because it’s too inconvenient for them* and over 13million water jug replacement cartridges being sold every year**, it makes sense that leading water filtration brand Aqua Optima are keen to make it easy for their customers to recycle.

Currently more than 2 million people across the UK have signed up to collect with TerraCycle, diverting more than 51,000,000 million items of packaging waste from UK landfill to date, whilst earning over £684,000 for schools, charities and non‐profit organisations.

*Mintel report February 2018
** GfK Data Sept 2018 Water Filter

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